47 Reasons Why AAS Instruments Are Incredible (Sound Examples)

We’ve put together some sound examples of the instruments in the AAS Modelling Collection available on the Cakewalk Store for SONAR X3 Producer users. SONAR X3 Producer now includes Strum Acoustic Session and Lounge Lizard Session, but here are a whole bunch of reasons you should consider picking up the entire collection.

Listen to just a few of the stock presets from Chromaphone, Studio String, Tassman, Ultra Analog, Strum Electric, Lounge Lizard, and Strum Acoustic.


1. Big Pipes

2. Carpetry

3. Hammered and Cybalom

4. Howling Electric

5. VibraGlock

6. Wutherings

String Studio

7. Ambient Drops

8. Crunchy Cry

9. Tortured Digiridoo

10. Throwing Things Arp

11. Tech Hol Down

12. Superstitious Clav

13. Malmsteen Fired

14. Ethnic Gliss

15. Electric Piano 4

16. Disto Arpeggiator


17. Clean and Thick Kick

18. Full Open

19. Meditation BC

20. PWM Bass

21. Rat Race BC

22. Twilight Zone

Ultra Analog

23. Vintage Purity

24. Sharp Lead

25. Screaming Frog

26. Organ 2

27. Fritters

28. Fretless

29. Delicate

30. Brass 1

31. Ambient Pulse Pad

Strum Electric

32. Strat Bright Bridge

33. Jimi’s Little Wing

34. High Voltage Malcom

35. Funk Strat

36. Eddie I

Lounge Lizard EP

37. Wurlitzer 3

38. Warm Wurly 2

39. Tramp Wurly

40. Modern Hybrid

41. Lonely Wurly

Strum Acoustic (Full)

42. Steel Very Small Pick

43. Steel Medium 2 Finger

44. Steel Large Flanger

45. Resonator 2 Pick

46. Nylon 1 Fingernail

47. Medium Pick 1

SONAR X3 Producer comes with Strum Acoustic Session and Lounge Lizard Session. Now SONAR X3 Producer users can upgrade to the full version of these instruments through October 31st and save big. We are also offering their entire collection which will give you an amazing arsenal of modeled instruments right at your fingertips.

Upgrade to Lounge Lizard EP-4 (Download) $75/£59/€69 (Save 60%)

Upgrade to Strum Acoustic GS-1 (Download) $75/£59/€69  (Save 60%)

AAS Complete Modeling Collection (Download) $299/£239/€269 (Save 50%)