About Cakewalk

Cakewalk has been providing the best software and hardware for musicians and producers since 1987. Millions of people worldwide, from bedroom DJs to Grammy-winning producers, use Cakewalk products in their studios.

We created this blog to showcase the latest news and events surrounding Cakewalk and it’s products. In turn, our users are invited to send us their own experiences in using Cakewalk’s products so we can post and share those stories with the world. Ultimately, we hope that this blog will help our users get the information they need to aquaint themselves with our products, broaden their creative endeavors, and make beautiful music.

Cakewalk itself is made up of a tightly-knit group of musicians, producers and computer music dorks who are into this stuff just as much as you are. In all, this blog should be a place where Cakewalk artists throughout the world connect, share knowledge, discover new music and more.

To learn more about Cakewalk and it’s products, please visit our website at www.cakewalk.com.

Cakewalk’s Blog is not intended for Technical Support or Customer Service questions. For troubleshooting on Cakewalk’s products, please contact technical support and customer service at www.cakewalk.com or dial the number on the back of your manual.

Thank You and Enjoy.

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