Act of Defiance: How Chris Broderick is using SONAR after Megadeth

Starting from the early age of 11, Chris Broderick started on a journey that eventually brought him to every corner of our world.  Little did he know at that time that he would accomplish what most musicians only dream about.  As a multi-genre / multi-instrumentalist/vocalist, he got his chops like many others, long hours and hard work.

From his early days he could be found practicing guitar, piano and violin for upwards of 14 hours a day as a teenager. This eventually led him into an extraordinary path of education at the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music where he was just as well known in the Denver music scene playing in local, yet highly regarded bands.  As time, fate and his esteemed career moved forward, Chris eventually moved into a greater role of guitar taking over for Joey Tafolla in the critically acclaimed band Jag Panzer.  Besides his professionalism, Chris landed this job partly due to the fact that he was the only one that could handle the duties laid out by Tafolla.

For nearly a decade of performing and touring on 4 records, Chris enjoyed playing with Jag Panzer while also taking part in live performances by the band Nevermore. In late 2007, Chis got a call from Shawn Drover, the drummer of Megadeth who had put forth his name in the hat of replacements for Glen Drover who had recently left the band.  After Dave Mustaine saw a video of Chris playing guitar, on February 4th 2008 Chris made his debut appearance as the new guitarist for Megadeth.  Dave Mustaine had commented that he thought Chris was the greatest guitarist Megadeth had ever seen, and that his collaboration with Chris reminded him of when Ozzy met Randy.

Most recently, Chris Broderick made the heartfelt decision to leave the band Megadeth. We got a chance to sit down with Chris and the most interesting part to this story is that the departure is really Uninteresting.  Unlike your usual big-drama band-break, it was simply Chris’s time to move on to something new… Act of Defiance with former band mate Shawn Drover:

CW Artist Relations:     Please tell us about your new post-Megadeth project, when it will be available and what folks can expect.

CB:     I am extremely excited to be a part of my new band Act Of Defiance. The band includes myself, Shawn Drover (ex Megadeth), Henry Derek (ex Scar the Martyr) , and Matt Bachand (ex Shadows Fall). We are signed to Metal Blade records releasing a new record sometime in August of this year, and have plans to start touring right around that time as well.  As far as the sound, it’s an interesting mix of different types of metal from thrash to progressive, and includes some classical interludes as well.

CW Artist Relations:     What is the overview of how the record was made?

CB:     I would say it’s the mobility of recording. All vocals, cello, lead, rhythm, classical and acoustic guitars were recorded in April 2015 at Ill-Fated Studio’s Los Angeles, CA on SONAR Platinum. The drums were recorded in February 2015 at Dexter’s Lab Recording, Milford, CT and the bass was recorded in April, 2015 at ManShark studio, SouthHampton, MA. From there everything was flown together and mixed and mastered by Chris “Zeuss” Harris.

CW Artist Relations:     Megadeth must have been quite an experience. What were a few of your most memorable shows?

CB:     For me of course it was the Big 4 concerts we did with Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax! From the first show in Warsaw Poland, to New York’s Yankee stadium, they were all beyond belief and I am still trying to comprehend the enormity of the event [Hahahah.] All the bands were extremely cool and the jam at the end was always my highlight.

CW Artist Relations:     How do you use SONAR Platinum, and what is your home studio like?

CB:     I use Sonar both in my home studio and on the road. In the studio I have a Lynx Hilo and Neve 1073 clone as my front end. For the vocals I used my Se Gemini V mic in the tube side, and for the Cello, Acoustic, and Classical guitars I used the same mic with the transformer side. The Electric guitar was all recorded through my Fractal Axe FX XL through SPDIF, and I am very pleased with how the sound from my Mackie HR824 monitors are outside of SONAR – very musical.

CW Artist Relations:     What is your favorite feature in SONAR, and what keeps you using it?

CB:      There are a few things I really like: 1.)  The QuadCurve EQ and ProChannel plug-ins are stellar, in fact out of all the EQ’s I have used, SONAR’s always sound the most musical and useful to me.  2.) “Channel Tools” is indispensable for me, I record my guitars stereo through SPDIF, the L is a D.I and the R is my amp tone.  Channel Tools allows me to keep them locked while muting out the left side and panning the right wherever I like. 3.) The “Comping” features and vocal tools in general are awesome for getting perfect vocal takes in no time at all, which is what every producer is looking for in a DAW.

CW Artist Relations:     You have figured out a formula to succeed in this new music industry, what are a few important things you have learned over the years that you would share with younger musicians?

CB:      No! [Hahahaha,] There is no formula for me in the music industry. I would say to always stay true to your music, because if you chase fame you will always be a step behind and you will never be musically satisfied.  I would also add the fact that you have to make yourself as visible to people as possible (whether it’s through social media, YouTube, a local music store or anything else – you never know where people will be watching).  Lastly, take every opportunity you can, because one opportunity will lead to the next.

We will be updating more information upon the release of Chris Broderick’s new band Act of Defiance in August 2015.

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