SONAR X1 Video – Linear & Non-linear Music Production

There are lots of ways to make music – from precise, deliberate composition to live performance and freeform improvisation. You might want traditional, linear multi-tracking or you might want to just experiment and jam. The good news is you don’t have to choose. Merging the realtime, experimental approach of loop and phrase based composition with traditional, linear multi-track style production, SONAR X1 is specifically designed to offer the best of both worlds.
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SONAR X1 – CakeTV Video Get Started – ASIO audio device Configuration

Once you have connected your audio device it is important to ensure you have the right settings in SONAR. Configuring your audio device properly in SONAR will ensure you get the best performance and lowest latency. This video tutorial will take you through how to get the settings right in SONAR to get the best performance out of  SONAR recording audio.

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SONAR X1 – CakeTV Video Get Started – MIDI Configuration

In this episode, learn how to setup SONAR X1 to work with your external MIDI devices. If you have a MIDI keyboard, synthesizer or control surface you will want to ensure that they are connected and configured properly.


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SONAR X1 Essential overview

SONAR X1 Essential

SONAR X1 Essential has a completely redesigned user interface that makes creating music faster and easier than ever. Create with cutting edge musical tools like the Step Sequencer and The Matrix. Customize your workspace with the Skylight interface. Get hands on control with Active Controller Technology (ACT). With a powerful collection of effects and instruments to get you started and more available tracks than DAWs costing twice the price, SONAR Essential is the perfect way to get your feet wet and to begin crafting your own masterpiece. Learn more about making music in SONAR X1 Essential.

Panels and Performances; Cakewalk at CMJ 2010

New York City, NY ~

It seems like just yesterday when Cakewalk/Roland endorser Andrew W.K. delivered his keynote speech to a packed auditorium at New York University during CMJ 2009. As the year went by fast, so did this year’s blistering 5 day event which took place last week in the same location at NYU. This year at CMJ 2010, Cakewalk’s own Steve Thomas and Jimmy Landry were selected to speak on different panels addressing the state of the industry for digitally recorded music, while many other Cakewalk users were sprinkled throughout the convention (Shayna Zaid and the Catch, Tony Black – Producer/Mixer/Songwriter (Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Method Man, Lil Kim, Michael Jackson), Producer/Songwriter Marc Swersky (Joe Cocker, Hillary Duff), and Vinny Valentino, to name a few. Continue reading Panels and Performances; Cakewalk at CMJ 2010

Introducing SONAR X1

SONAR: Reimagined

SONAR has evolved and so can the way you make music. Imagine the power and maturity of an industry standard DAW combined with the cutting edge creative tools essential for today’s music – all wrapped up in one of the most modern and (dare we say) beautiful user interfaces available.

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Robin’s Riffs: How to create layered synth sounds

Cakewalk’s Robin Kelly has put together a series of tech tips for SONAR users in a section we are calling Robin’s Riffs. Each week, we will include a new tip.

This week, Robin Kelly shows you how to achieve a layered synth sound in SONAR. In this example, Robin shows you how to create a simple layer using two instances of Dimension LE. You can use any instrument to recreate this layered sound. This technique will work with SONAR 8 and SONAR Home Studio 7.

How to create layered synth sounds

Cakewalk Artist Notes

Gedeon Luke Instills Some Soul And Good Vibes Into The Lower East Side -NYC


Gedeon Luke, a former American Idol semifinalist and Dimension Pro/Rapture user is creating quite a stir in the NYC Lower East Side music scene.  His record which is being released at the end of October is “chock full of keys that utilized Rapture and Dimension Pro” stated producer/songwriter Marc Swersky of Gravitas Entertainment.  Gedeon Luke will be at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on October 14th at 9pm and you can see and hear more at

Where’s Norman?

murder FM

SONAR manipulator (and madman) Norman Mathew is in LA this week at Airlane Studios working/writing with producer Nick Page (Fuel/The Darkness) on a new project called Valor and Vengeance.  His band Murder FM also just released ANOTHER record title “Patchwork Promises” and they will be back on the road soon with Otep and The Birthday Massacre.  Click here for more info on Murder FM.

Chuck Carr is lost in some Twisted Metal

chuck carr

Producer/composer/musician Chuck Carr is hard at work on the Soundtrack for the new AAA title, “Twisted Metal X” where he is using SONAR for the entire score. “I am constantly figuring out ways to use SONAR differently to come up with unique sounds.  Just yesterday I was using AudioSnap on vocals to create ‘static’ effect.”  Chuck Carr has depended on SONAR as a composer/songwriter to deliver the music for many notable works such as GameDay, GameBreaker, NHL Hockey, NBA, ATV Off-Road Fury, SuperCross Circuit, CoolBoarders 2001, and many others.

SONAR 8.5 nominated for TEC Award

The 26th annual TEC Award nominations are in and we are pleased to announce that SONAR 8.5 has been nominated for a TEC award in the category of Workstation Technology. Professional audio’s most prestigious awards will be hosted for the first time by NAMM, the international music products industry’s biggest trade show. The awards will be handed out on January 14th, 2011.

Experience SONAR 8.5 for yourself at a new low price and find out why it has been recognized by the world’s most prominent forum for honoring outstanding Technical Excellence and Creativity in professional audio production and product design.

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