Become a master of guitar recording in SONAR X1

Guitarists Guide to SONARCraig Anderton is one of the most widely respected pro audio writers today. He has authored more than 20 books and is currently editor-in-chief of Harmony Central and executive editor of EQ magazine.  He’s even worked closely with Cakewalk to create two critically-acclaimed SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop videos. So if you are looking for tutorials to help you master the art of recording guitar in SONAR X1, Craig Anderton has got you covered.

THE GUITARIST’S GUIDE TO SONAR was designed for guitarists of varying levels of experience with music software and guitar amp simulation.  This 250 page book covers some of the situations unique to recording guitar with any computer-based system.  It then progresses into guitar-specific techniques for SONAR suited for more advanced users.

Here is the complete list of chapters:
i. Introduction.
1. Recording with a Computer.
2. Interfacing Guitar with Computers.
3. Guitarist’s Guide to Audio Interfaces.
4. Setting Preferences in SONAR.
5. Guitar Recording Options with SONAR.
6. Setting Up to Record in SONAR.
7. About Busses.
8. How to Use Plug-In Effects.
9. Series, Parallel, and Series Parallel Effects.
10. Effects Chains 2.0.
11. Creating Virtual Amps and Pedalboards with Track Templates.
12. Re-Amping with SONAR.
13. How to Improve Amp Sim Tone.
14. The Care and Feeding of Plug-Ins.
15. Perfect Takes with Composite Recording.
16. Mixing and Effects Automation.
17. Control Surfaces and the Roland VS-20 Interface for Guitarists.
18. ACT: The Key to Hands-On Control.
19. SONAR’s Bundled Plug-Ins: Common Elements
20. SONAR’s Equalizers.
21. SONAR’s Dynamics Processors.
22. SONAR’s Time-Based and Modulation Effects.
23. SONAR’s Channel Strips.
24. SONAR’s Miscellaneous Effects.
25. Guitar Tablature with SONAR.
26. MIDI Guitar with SONAR.
27. The “Virtual” MIDI Guitar.
28. Novel Rhythmic Effects with Sidechaining.
29. Tuning Out Mic/Direct Differences.
30. How to Emulate Vintage Effects.
31. Multiband Processing.
32. Create a Looper in SONAR.
33. SONAR’s Multiband Envelope Follower.
34. Transposing in SONAR X1.
35. Create Drum Backing Tracks with Session Drummer 3.
36. Backing Up.

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