Cakewalk wants to tell your story!

Through blood, sweat and tears you’ve overcome obstacles to reach a level of success that you’re proud of. We want to hear your stories, and with your permission, we’d like to share them with our community.

We will not publish any of this information without your permission. If your story is selected, we will reach out to you via the email address you provide, and we will schedule a follow-up interview with you to learn more.

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Alex Westner [Cakewalk]

Alex Westner is Cakewalk's VP Product Strategy & Innovation. He brings 15 years of experience leading product management, product strategy and business development. He's shipped over 100 products for musicians and audio engineers (including an Engineering Emmy(R) Award winner), and has closed dozens of audio technology licensing deals and created numerous strategic partnerships.

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  1. Alex, your page for submissions requests 500 words or less; in fact, I didn’t type more than 95 words and 512 characters (including spaces) before your submission page informed me that I was over the limit. I think you need to reset the page to accept 500 words, not 500 characters. Glad to submit when you do.

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