NAMM 2012 Backstage Pass: The perfect computer for SONAR X1?

Live from the Cakewalk booth in the Roland arena, take a look inside the perfect computer for SONAR X1 as HP’s Dan Bennett opens up and tears down the powerhouse HP Z800 workstation.

Featuring a BMW designed, tool-less chassis, an incredibly unique power supply, a plethora of powerful under the hood options, and so much more, the Z800 truly is a dream machine for making music with SONAR X1.

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How do I record audio on a Windows PC?

While recording audio is one of  the most basic function in SONAR X1, it still remains among the frequently asked questions. Within one minute this get-started video demonstrates the 4 basic steps necessary to record audio.

1.) Insert a new audio track

2.) Select your input

3.) Arm your track

4.) Hit record

If recording audio is this easy, you’ll be accepting your Grammy in no time!

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Or you can check out more videos to help get you started with the basic setup and operation of SONAR and its features at CakeTV.

Why you need a subwoofer. Or, “What’s goin’ on down there?”

So your newest masterpiece is ready to be mixed in SONAR’s pristine 64bit audio engine for the rest of the world to hear, but are you really hearing the full range of your mix? If your monitoring system does not include a subwoofer, then you most likely are not.

While an ear can be trained to work with almost anything over time, a good monitoring system is crucial for making more accurate judgments in mixing. In my early days as a fledgling engineer, the studio I worked out of had a nice set of monitors but no sub. So what does that mean? Endless time wasted making (at that time) cassettes to run out to the car with so you could find out that the low end was either too high or too low or not hitting the right frequencies. Back to the board, hope your guess at the eq adjustment was right and then back to the car again. Better fire up the coffee machine, this could take all night. Continue reading Why you need a subwoofer. Or, “What’s goin’ on down there?”

Enter the Mod Matrix With SONAR X1d

By now you may have heard about the upcoming X1d update which will be free for all registered SONAR X1 customers. And you may have also seen the press release which lists all of the features and enhancements contained in the free update.

However, what you might not have seen is just how insanely cool the FX Chains 2.0’s new Mod Matrix is. OK, since its really just a couple of menus it may not look cool, but what it does is absolutely awesome.

Continue reading Enter the Mod Matrix With SONAR X1d

Cakewalk Artists on Both PC and Mac Are Off to an Enormous 2012

Cakewalk Artists on Both PC and Mac are off to an Enormous 2012

We are well on our way into 2012 and many artists relying on various Cakewalk products are off to an enormous year.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent some time with most of these artists recently, and even more fortunate to have worked with a few in some creative capacities using SONAR X1 in the recent past.  There are some common threads that these artists share, but I think the most important element is that they are all working ridiculously hard in their own circles.

Murray Daigle

[Toronto, ONT, Canada]  Murray Daigle is a very talented Canadian Producer/Mixer/Songwriter out of Toronto Canada.  He just relocated to a new space in Toronto and opened a new studio running SONAR X1 Expanded.  A big “congratulations” goes out to him on a “Certified Gold” record for Neverest’s track “About Us” along with a SOCAN #1 Award (co-written and mixed on Cakewalk Sonar X1.)  Murray also produced and co-wrote other tracks on the Neverest release which came out in January and is already working on material for another release later this year. Continue reading Cakewalk Artists on Both PC and Mac Are Off to an Enormous 2012

SONAR X1 on a Mac? Yes, you can!









A question I am frequently asked is, “Do you guys make SONAR X1 for the Mac?” The answer to which is no, SONAR X1 is made for Windows. But do not despair, there is a solution! For Macs with Intel processors there’s an application called Bootcamp which will allow you to install the Windows operating system on your Mac.Unlike some of the other applications that allow you to run Windows inside the Mac OS, Bootcamp allows you to boot exclusively into Windows or Mac OS on startup. This is the optimal method of running Windows as all of the Mac’s resources are available. Continue reading SONAR X1 on a Mac? Yes, you can!

New ProChannel Concrete Limiter coming NAMM 2012

Back in October 2011, we released SONAR X1 Producer Expanded which introduced ProChannel modularity. This included the ability to add new modules to the ProChannel. Since that time we have released two Cakewalk branded ProChannel modules, the PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate and the PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor. In addition, Softube has released the Softube Mix Bundle which includes VST and ProChannel versions of the popular Softube Mix Bundle.

So what’s next for the ProChannel? Well we received many requests for a limiter so we set out to create a great brick wall limiter that felt right at home on a channel or bus – perfect for mixing or mastering. Here’s a sneak peek at the new ProChannel Concrete Limiter. And you won’t have to wait long to buy it as it will be available for sale as a download at the Cakewalk Store in time for the start of NAMM 2012.

More information and sound examples will be released at NAMM 2012.

Cakewalk’s 11 big product releases of 2011

2011 was a big year for Cakewalk and featured some major product releases. Here’s a quick recap of some of the most popular product releases of 2011 with links to each, in case you missed it. We’d love to hear your feedback on which was your favorite by voting in our Facebook poll.

SONAR X1  Free Trial: For those of you that want to try it before you buy it, we released a free 30-day SONAR X1 Web trial. The SONAR X1 Web Trial is a fully functioning version of SONAR X1 that will work for up to 30 days if registered.

SONAR X1a update: The first free update to SONAR X1 includes fixes for Skylight, ProChannel and more.

SONAR X1b update: The second free update to SONAR includes control surface updates for the V-Studio 700, V-Studio, plus more fixes.

SONAR X1c update: The third free update includes is the current update as of today with all the updates and hotfixes included.

Music Creator 6: Music Creation just got even easier! Based on Cakewalk’s acclaimed professional studio software, Music Creator’s elegant design and drag and drop interface makes creating and sharing music fast, easy, and fun.

Z3TA+ 2.1: Nearly a decade after its initial release, Z3TA+ is back with a brand new version that builds on its already legendary status.  New filters, modulatable waveshapers, flexible effects, expressive control and a gorgeous new interface make Z3TA+ 2 one seriously powerful synth.

SONAR X1 Producer Expanded: SONAR X1 Producer Expanded takes SONAR X1 Producer even further with exciting new production tools and delivery options. ProChannel modularity, a new Softube Saturation Knob, MusicXML export, and SoundCloud are just a few of the new features.

PC4K S-Type Expander / Gate: When we introduced ProChannel modularity with SONAR X1 Producer Expanded, we also released a brand new ProChannel module. The PC4K S-Type Expander / Gate Module is expertly crafted by the Cakewalk DSP team and rounds out our legendary, vintage-style, ProChannel modeling.

PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor: The only thing left to complete the 4K modeling story was a channel compressor. In late 2011, we released the new PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor which provides full emulation of the classic, large-format, mixing consoles used by professional engineers to make hit records.

SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop with Craig Anderton: Craig Anderton and Cakewalk teamed up for the most unique SONAR tutorial ever created. SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop with Craig Anderton is a ground-breaking collection of advanced SONAR X1 techniques,and is also Cakewalk’s first official video tutorial.

SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop: The Next Level: Don’t call it a sequel. This is unlike any other video tutorial on the market today (even compared to his first, universally-acclaimed “Advanced Workshop” video) as Craig shows you amazing, one-of-a-kind techniques that truly take SONAR X1 to the next level.

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5 cool gift ideas for the musician with everything

Your time for holiday shopping is running out, but odds are good that there is somebody on your list who is impossible to buy gifts for.   Your best bet is find a gift that even the person with everything hasn’t heard of yet.  Easier said than done.   So I thought I would do you a solid and share my five favorite gifts this year.  Hopefully this helps!

1)  Playable Synthesizer T-Shirt With Wearable Amp ($14.99)
Yes, you can play it like a real synth with chords and everything. You can even choose from 5 different sounds!

2)  Make Your Own Guitar Picks With The Pick Punch ($25)
pick punch
Never look for a guitar pick again! I bought 6 of these this year (no exaggeration).  One for each guitar player I know, and one for myself.

3)  Blue Mikey 2.0 Microphone for iPhone/iPad/iPod ($32-$36)
Blue Mikey 2.0
Perfect for recording guitar parts on the go. This little gadget is totally worth the regular $99 price tag, but the “unadvertised price” on Amazon is under 40 bucks!

4)  Build Your Own 3-String Kids/Travel Guitar – Loog Guitar ($215)
Loog 3-String Guitar
If you build it, they will come (power chords that is). Downright adorable for kids and a great little project. Plus it makes a fun toy to travel with.

5)  Last Minute: Completely Digital, Music Creator 6 Download Gift Card ($49.99)
Music Creator 6 Download Card
If you love your Cakewalk software, be sure to share the wealth. Music Creator 6 comes with thousands of loops and sounds.  It is perfect for a first timer looking to have fun making music. Best of all you can give this gift via email, so it’s not too late to ship it anywhere!

Good luck and Happy Holiday,

Marcus Dandurand
Direct Marketing Manager