Comic Book Heroes record “Drive On” for ESPN’s telecast of their NASCAR Nationwide season using SONAR 8.5

Last year we introduced you to Comic Book Heroes (CBH), a SONAR using artist with a pretty unique angle. While still in High School, CBH had accomplished more than many bands twice their age and on bigger labels. The guitar-driven rock quartet is manned by Steve Kowalski (bass, vocals), Collin MacGregor (drums), Ned Goldman (vocals, guitar), and Steve (Koz) Kosciusko (guitar, vocals). All are friends for years and come from musical families. They bonded over a love of music and formed the band when they were the ripe old age of 11, and have been steadily leaving their impression on the music business ever since. In 2009 the band found themselves on the Disney Top 15 charts ahead of Nickelback, The Fray, David Cook and many other well known artists with their single “Catch Me If You Can”; and they haven’t stopped making waves since.

“SONAR enables us to work through music on our own terms” stated Ned Goldman back stage at the Bitter End in NYC where the band was playing a show and accepting the 2010 Abe Olman Scholarship Award, by the Songwriters Hall of Fame which is awarded annually to five up-and-coming songwriters who have exhibited a standard of excellence and deserve to be recognized. Collin MacGregor commented, “The thing we find killer about SONAR is that it actually serves as a writing tool. It inspires the musical mind with everything that comes with it – you can do it all right inside SONAR if you want. We are on the road quite often, so to be able to fire up our laptops and start cutting realistic drums in a hotel room is huge.”

Most recently, Comic Book Heroes recorded one of their new songs “Drive On” for ESPN’s telecast of their 2010 NASCAR Nationwide season using SONAR and a V-Studio 700 at The Fusebox (Manhattan Ctr.) in NYC. We let our cameras roll and caught some great footage. Check it out and also be sure to be on the lookout for a new record from the band later this year.

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