Composer Tim Wynn Featured On New Video Game Soundtrack

Composer / Producer of music for video games, Tim Wynn, announces the release of his recent project, the soundtrack to Red Faction Guerrilla.  Best known for his scores in such successful titles as Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (2008), The Simpson’s Game (2007) and The Punisher (2005), Wynn uses SONAR and its many available plug-ins to create his works.

To complete the latest soundtrack, 5 composers came together to produce 32 tracks. Listen to one of Tim’s tracks below, the video game’s main theme song, Defiance:

Red Faction Guerrilla takes place in 2075 on the surface of Mars. The Red Faction is a revolutionary force called upon to liberate the ‘Ultor’ colonies and put an end to the grotesque experiments conducted by chief scientist, Capek. The fate of the red planet solely rests of the actions of the Red Faction and its fearless leader Alec Mason.

Hear more of Tim’s work on the Red Faction Guerrilla soundtrack.