EDM Production – Enhance Your Drums with Z3TA+ 2

Did you know Z3TA+ 2 comes stock with a Sine Wave Generator and a White Noise Generator? Both can be used to enhance your Kick and Snare Drums.

  • Insert two instances of Z3TA+ 2.
  • Copy your drum sequence to both Z3TA+ 2 tracks. 
  • Isolate the Kick on one track and the Snare on the other. 
  • Setup the first Z3TA+ 2 to generate a Sine Wave for the Kick. 
  • Setup the second Z3TA+ 2 to generate White Noise for the Snare. 
  • Adjust the Amplifier Envelope to match the duration of each hit. 
  • Within Z3TA+ 2 add Reverb, Compression, and EQ. 
  • Mix in under your existing Drum Loop.

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