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Free Platinum Samples Rock Legends Kit 3 with SONAR X2 Producer
Now through June 30th, all customers who purchase or upgrade to SONAR X2 Producer will receive the new Platinum Samples Rock Legend Kit 3 free as part of the SONAR X2 Producer Content Club May-June giveaway. This kit was recorded by Grammy nominated recording engineer Rail Jon Rogut whose credits include Meshell Ndegeocello, Ry Cooder and Michael Jackson. Designed for Session Drummer 3 and Dimension Pro, this expansion kit was recorded via a classic Neve 80 series console, Sontec Equalizers and a Fairchild 670. Microphones used included Telefunken ELA M 251′s on the Overheads and the Floor Toms, AKG C12A’s on the Rack Toms & Neumann M49′s on the Stereo Room.

The free Rock Legends Kit 3 is a natural ambient kit with a shank style hi-hat. Rock Legends Kit 3 is a larger, roomier version of the kit with a different Crash 1 and additional EQ and compression on the Kick, Snare & Toms.  The free Rock Legends Kit 3 only has 2 round robins with 16 velocity levels.


  • 125th Aniv. Limited Edition Gretsch Rock Legend drum kit.
  • Played with metal tip sticks.
  • Recorded using vintage Neve, Sontec, Fairchild gear and Telefunken, AKG and Neumann microphones.

If you already own SONAR X2 Producer, your free download is now available on your My Account page on the Cakewalk Store.

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