Meet the Bakers: Lance R

My love for music started at an early age singing and dancing with my sisters in our living room listening to The Beatles, Van Morrison, Bob Marley, and the Top Gun soundtrack on Vinyl. I found guitar or maybe it found me in middle school and I was immediately hooked, leaning songs from Nirvana, Bush, & Guns & Roses.

Through middle school I was grew more interested in guitar FX, computers and hi-fi stereo systems, and from there began recording my own originals & covers at a liberal arts school for grades 6-12 where I discovered recording to be an amazing experience, the things that could be done with a computer, a mixer, and some decent microphones created an everlasting effect.

I landed in Boston going to Berklee College of Music not long after, perusing a degree in Music Production & Engineering while also honing my guitar skills and beginning to focus more on song writing.

I joined a band called Shoney Lamar & The Equal Rights at the time and got my feet wet gigging in Boston while also starting my own band called Baby Made Rebel.

My skills I was learning at Berklee enabled me to begin recording local bands and friends I was meeting around the Boston area as well as run sound at the music venues through out the city.

Toward the end of my Berklee career I realized that working in the studio just wasn’t quite right for me and took a position at Cakewalk answering phones for customers with questions about SONAR. 5 years later I still love being apart of this company and working closely with the talented development team that makes our products. I still write and record a lot of music and am getting into slide guitar, which has been really fun.

Favorite Bands: The National, Spoon, Rufus Wainwright, Sara Bareilles, Beach House, St. Vincent and The Shins.
Favorite Movie: Anything with Bill Murray or Will Ferrell in it.
Favorite TV show: Currently True Detective, but also Game Of Thrones, Hell On Wheels, Arrested Development, and Breaking Bad .
Years at Cakewalk: 5
Instrument: Guitar and Voice with a bit of dabbling in piano and bass. I own a violin but still haven’t gotten the hang of that one yet.
Preferred Style of Music: Rock, Blues, and Jazz.
Superpower (if you could have one): When I was a kid I’d mostly definitely have said adamantim claws like Wolverine but now I think time travel as a super power would be pretty awesome.