Mixing and Mastering a Song Using only the Z3TA+ Effects Engine in SONAR

One of the great aspects about SONAR X1 is that it’s a very diverse D.A.W.  There are so many different ways to create music and it’s great for people who like to experiment with sounds and develop unique sonic pallets.  One of the main reasons why many pro users choose SONAR is because there are a lot of veiled jewels and tools that help musicians to sculpt a unique and individualized sound.

Similar to the Beatscape Content articles that were posted, I decided to dive into another one of my favorite hidden treasures of SONAR of which some people may not be aware; the pristine and fat FX engine of Z3TA+ that can be used as a standard VST effects unit.

When I first started using SONAR I loved the fact that it came with so many great VST plugins.  It wasn’t until 6 months into using the program when someone pointed out to me that you could use the Z3TA+ synth as an actual VST effect anywhere you use regular plugins – on clips, in bins, on busses… etc.  After dragging Z3TA+ onto a track I was instantly surprised at what I heard.

To exemplify the FX greatness of Z3TA+, I decided to create a project and mix it using only Z3TA+ effects.  I also used it on the master bus and was able to get some surprising results on this project as you can see and hear from the video.

I think what separates this effects unit apart from others is the fact that it has over 700 presets to use as starting points, and it also has a very unique sound which really fattens things up.  The delays and modulations are exceptional, and you can also get some uniquely interesting sounds out of the distortion, compression and 7 band stereo EQ which also has a simulator mode to it.  Another very cool feature is the Bit Decimator which is part of the distortion module.

Z3TA+ is included with SONAR X1 Producer as well as the SONAR X1 Studio edition, and for a limited time if you buy or upgrade to SONAR X1 Essential, you get SONAR X1 Studio for free.  So visit here to find out more about getting yourself a First Class Upgrade and start making some great music with SONAR and Z3TA+.

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