Cakewalk Spring Sale: 15 downloads for $19.99 or less!

15 items for $19.99 or lessStock up for spring at the Cakewalk Store!
Spring is here and we are having a huge sale at the Cakewalk Store through May 22nd. Download 15 of our hottest products for $19.99/£14.99/€19.99 or less. Here are a few of the highlights.

Rapture upgrade from Rapture LE
Rapture LE is inlcuded in many versions of SONAR like SONAR X1 Studio and SONAR X1 Producer.  If you love the modern synthesis sounds and pristine high-resolution sampling of Rapture LE, expand you library and sound manipulation capabilities by upgrading to the full version of Rapture for just $19.99.

SONAR X1 Producer Expanded
Take SONAR X1 Producer even further with exciting new production tools and delivery options. Upgrade from SONAR X1 Producer to SONAR X1 Producer Expanded for only $19.99 (you must own SONAR X1 Producer to get this upgrade).

The PC4K S-Type Expander / Gate Module
Take SONAR X1 Producer Expanded even further with this ProChannel module for just $19.99. The PC4K S-Type Expander / Gate module is not just any Expander plugin. It’s based on the legendary vintage-style channel expansion used on large format studio consoles and heard on countless albums over the past 30 years.

The PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor
Another great ProChannel module exclusively from Cakewalk for just $19.99. A must-have addition to your effects arsenal, the new PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor adds vintage-era, console-style, channel compression to every ProChannel strip in SONAR X1 Producer Expanded.

SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop Videos
Two video downloads with never before seen tutorials from DAW master Craig Anderton for $19.99 each. Download the first Advanced Workshop video or step up to The Next Level.

Music Creator 6 Download or Boxed version
Are you new to Cakewalk?  Do you need to upgrade your home recording studio to Windows 7?  Music Creator 6 is regularly a great value at $49.99 for a complete recording solution, but what you can get today for just $19.99 is an astonishing value that can’t be missed. Music Creator 6 includes song construction kits with 1000+ music loops, Cakewalk instuments, IK Amplitube guitar effects, instructional videos, and more.

Cakewalk Instrument Expansion Packs
Download fresh content for Cakewalk synths like Rapture, Dimension Pro, Session Drummer 3, and Z3TA+ 2 for as little as $4.95!

Check out all 15 products for $19.99 or less.


Create Unique Percussion Beats with the Beatscape Factory Content In SONAR X1: Part 2; ProChannel

In Part 1 of this blog series, I highlighted the basic information to get the Beatscape content going in SONAR X1 Producer  without using the Beatscape program.  If you read that post and starting working a bit with the Beatscape content you probably found out that there’s some really good samples in there from which to draw.  In this post, I will dive into a few tips and techniques and focus in on The ProChannel to show how fast and easy it is to create a more tailored sound with Beatscape content (and any other sample based content for that matter.)

For me and my style of music production, it’s all about layers and a multi-dimensional vibe.  I started out like a lot of folks, on 2” tape and followed a lot of rules, but in this new digital era I rely more on my ear than I do on following fundamentals.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s more important now than ever to understand the fundamental concepts of recording and producing music, but it’s also just as important to rely on what you are hearing in relation to what you are going for.  Sometimes I will start out with something that sounds quirky or not pleasing to the ear; a person in the room will look at me like I have two heads, and then within minutes they don’t even recognize what I started with.

I like to blend multiple elements together to create a “part.”  In this video example by simply using the Beatscape content and The ProChannel, I will take 8 samples that sound cluttered together, and then shape them into one interesting loop that will sound more professional than where it began.

1.)    I started with the basics by finding 3 kicks I liked, and 3 snares [snare and claps] I liked and shaped both using the ProChannel so that they worked well together as a groove.  As you will notice, working with the ProChannel is lightning fast in terms of a workflow; everything is right there so there’s no inserting plugins or switching back and forth between screens and menus.

2.)    I then arranged the snares and claps using the Smart Tool so that they created a unified part.

3.)    Next, I added top loops to add depth and dimension to the groove.  As you will hear, when these loops are first pulled into the mix they are very prominent and overbearing.  Again using the ProChannel I was able to quickly sculpt these top loops to add character to the groove as a whole.  Using the Smart Tool once again, I copied over one of the loops and reversed it to set up a dramatic effect.

4.)    Finally, using the ProChannel I called up a mastering Preset which instantly added thickness, volume and control over the whole new loop.

In this video you will see and hear not only how great the Beatscape content is, but also how powerful the ProChannel is in terms of sound, workflow, speed and ease of use.  There’s a solid reason behind the fact that SONAR X1 is buzzing in the music industry.  There’s no other DAW on the market that covers the territory of SONAR X1 Producer.  If you are serious about music creation and production, go to our Dealer Finder here and pick up an investment in yourself and your future; The SONAR X1 Production Suite.


How to Automate Data Selections in SONAR X1 and Earlier Versions of SONAR

One of the main features of SONAR X1 that has been revamped is Automation. The problem of accidentally clicking on the wrong envelope or node has been eliminated via the new Edit Filter control. SONAR’s Edit Filter allows you to choose the type of active data for editing. Each track in SONAR provides its own individual Edit Filter.

To choose a track’s editing data type, click its Edit Filter control and choose a type from the menu. You can also hover your mouse over the track and open the Tools HUD (press the middle mouse button or press T on your PC keyboard) to access the Edit Filter from there. Once chosen, the data type becomes active, and all other data types become inaccessible so that you don’t make accidental changes. For example, choosing Automation allows you to edit automation envelopes, but it doesn’t allow clip or audio transient editing.

In addition, instead of using the track or Tools HUD to access the Edit Filter, you can Shift+click on a data type to quickly switch to that type for editing. For example, Shift+click on the background of a clip to choose Clip for the Edit Filter. And Shift+right-click switches back and forth between the last two data types. You should also be aware that inactive data can be displayed as either “ghosted” or not shown at all by choosing View > Display > Display Ghosted Data from the Track view menu. For a demonstration of the new Automation and Edit Filter features, watch the video below. (more…)


Second CakeTV Live Broadcast Now Available on YouTube

Last week Brandon Ryan and I hosted our second CakeTV Live webinar on music production with SONAR X1. Broadcast live over the internet from Burbank, CA, this latest installment of CakeTV Live was every bit a success as the first CakeTV Live webinar. With a steady 240+ viewers this time from all over the world, we had a steady stream of great questions coming in throughout the demo.

Of course, we understand that many of you couldn’t make it to the live broadcast, so we’ve uploaded the video to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. This hefty video weighs in at one hour and forty minutes and is loaded with music production workflow techniques straight from Brandon Ryan’s bag of tricks.

 CakeTV Live: SONAR Music Production ‘Aike’



The ProChannel Pack for SONAR X1 Producer Expanded- Buy the bundle, save a bundle!

You’ve got SONAR X1 Producer Expanded, now expand your ProChannel with the ProChannel Pack and get four of our awesome dynamics modules for only $179! By purchasing the bundle, you save $77 off the individual prices of the modules. (more…)


Create Unique Percussion Beats with the Beatscape Factory Content In SONAR X1: Part 1

There’s no doubt that SONAR X1 comes with a lot of great content, but one component that I think is sometimes overlooked is the Beatscape content.  Beatscape originally came with SONAR 8 and it’s a great sampler machine for mixing and mashing up content.  And now with the power of the Browser, Drag and Drop and the ProChannel, anyone who is looking to make creative drum beats that really stand out from the crowd can utilize all this content right at their fingertips in SONAR X1.

The Beatscape content is great for creating drum tracks from scratch, or embellishing existing drum tracks.  Whether or not you have Beatscape installed does not affect the ability to utilize this content in X1.  In fact I prefer to use the content in X1 without Beatscape at all.  Here’s how easy it is to utilize the Beatscape content.

1.       If you do not have Beatscape installed, copy all of the “Beatscape Factory Content” from your SONAR X1 install disc or from the file in your download purchase and place it somewhere on your hard drive.

*If you do have Beatscape installed, you will navigate to the Beatscape Content folder in the next step.  Your Beatscape folder is usually in these locations depending on whether or not you are running a 64bit system:

If you are running a 32bit system of Windows:

“C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Beatscape\Library\Beatscape Factory Content\” or you can search for the folder easily in Windows. 

If you are running a 64bit system of Windows:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Cakewalk\Beatscape\Library\Beatscape Factory Content\” or you can search for the folder easily in Windows. 

2.       In the SONAR X1 Browser, navigate to where the “Beatscape Factory Content” folder is and save that location by simply clicking the “save content location preset” button.  You can also rename this location by double-clicking inside the text rectangle.

3.       In the “Media” tab, make sure Auto Preview, Preview at Host Tempo and Loop Preview are all checked.

4.       You can preview any loop by clicking on it.  With the Beatscape content file system; the word “combo” is used in the files that have the complete loop.  The great thing about this content is that for most loops, the parts are broken apart so you can use them all together for the complete “combo” loop, or you can pull in just single elements of the loops.  When pulled in separately you can combine them with other loops or you can pull them all in and then layer them on separate tracks.

5.       Experiment with different individual loops by simply dragging and dropping them into the track view and layering them on different tracks.

You can get quite creative with the Beatscape content, and it’s just another quick and simple way to get up and running fast on SONAR X1.  Next week I will show some of my favorite tips and techniques to get unique sounds from the Beatscape content using the ProChannel and other effects.

Upgrade to SONAR X1 Producer to get Beatscape and it’s massive content library.


SONAR X1 – Easier to Use

SONAR X1 brings a lot of significant changes from previous versions of SONAR; changes like the Unified Preferences View, ProChannel, Enhanced Automation, Key Clusters, the Skylight User Interface, and so much more. All of these changes are designed to enhance workflow, which means you can get more done in less time with SONAR X1.

The video below demonstrates SONAR X1′s enhancements versus previous versions, and I suspect most of them could apply to SONAR X1 versus other DAWs, as well.

SONAR X1 – Easier to Use



SONAR X1- The DAW that plays well with others

Whether you’re mixing down or pulling individual tracks for use with a collaborator, SONAR’s flexible export options make the process fast and simple. (more…)


New Video: Z3TA+ 2 shreds on a Misa Kitara digital guitar controller

The folks at Misa Digital recently posted a few videos showing off the sounds of Z3TA+ 2 played on their flagship Kitara digital guitar.  Check it out!

“Here I connect the kitara to the cakewalk z3ta+ 2 software synthesizer. Basically, the kitara becomes an extension to the synth, as a new way to control it.

The glide/portamento of a synth is a very overlooked aspect of synthesizers, especially from a guitar synth perspective. The idea behing this video is to show how you can get a more “sequencer” type sound using the kitara’s onboard sustain functionality. (more…)


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