Suave Wins One Stop Shop’s V-Studio 100 Rap Battle

Congratulations to the winner of One Stop Shop’s SONAR V-Studio 100 Rap Battle!

He’s one half of the production team The Insurgenz and a quadruple threat when it comes to making a hit. His singing, rapping, songwriting and beat-making are second to none. Though he hasn’t found a major placement yet, he has all the tools to make an impact in the major leagues!

Suave has been part of multiple collaborations with independent artists such as SKS, C-One and X.O. VINO, just to name a few. In 2009, the 30 year old Miami native hopes to finally get the attention he deserves. Big Time Beats and a new marketing plan will catapult him to the top of the food chain. Winning our One Stop Shop Beat Battle is just the beginning!

“I was totally impressed with the V-Studio 100. Everything ran like clock work… and I used SONAR in the past. It’s a monster.”

Suave says, his only influence is ‘good music’, but some of his favorites are Michael Jackson, Outkast and T.I.

Watch the video below to see Suave and the finalists lay down some sick beats: