SONAR X1 – CakeTV Video Get Started – ASIO audio device Configuration

Once you have connected your audio device it is important to ensure you have the right settings in SONAR. Configuring your audio device properly in SONAR will ensure you get the best performance and lowest latency. This video tutorial will take you through how to get the settings right in SONAR to get the best performance out of  SONAR recording audio.


To configure an ASIO device for audio playback and recording in SONAR, First install the latest ASIO drivers for your device and ensure that the device is connected to your system.

Next, go to edit and select preferences from the dropdown or the letter “P” on your keyboard to access SONAR’s Unified Preferences View.

Next go to playback and recording in the audio section and select ASIO from the driver mode in the dropdown.  Then apply and go to your devices. Then make sure your device is selected in the input and output sections. In this case I’m using a Roland UA25EX.

Then go to driver settings and make sure your device is selected from the dropdown list in the playback timing master section and in the record timing master section.

Lastly, hit the ASIO panel button to access the audio buffer setting for your device. The appearance of this window will vary with different devices. Experiment with the audio buffer size to achieve the lowest latency and best performance for your system.

After closing the ASIO panel and applying the changes your device is now ready for audio playback and recording in Sonar.


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