SONAR X1 – CakeTV Video Get Started – MIDI Configuration

In this episode, learn how to setup SONAR X1 to work with your external MIDI devices. If you have a MIDI keyboard, synthesizer or control surface you will want to ensure that they are connected and configured properly.


To set up a MIDI device for use in SONAR, first install the latest drivers for the device and connect the device to your system.

Then go to Edit and Preferences or type the letter”P” on your keyboard to open the Unified Preferences View.

Go to the MIDI section of the preferences and select devices. Select your MIDI device from the list in the input and output sections. Apply the changes and close.

Go to the MIDI track’s input and select your device. Selecting omni will receive all MIDI channels from the device.

Input echo is automatically enabled for any selected MIDI track. This will allow for the MIDI signal to be passed through to the output and signal will be represented in the meter.

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