SONAR X1 – CakeTV Video – Get Started- Basic Mix Functions

Learn how to use the functions of the SONAR X1 mixer. This video will take you through the basic controls and their functions.

SONAR’s basic mix functions can be accessed by selecting the mix setting in the track view. They can also be accessed in the inspector view and in the console view.

The basic mix functions in SONAR include volume which is used to raise or lower the audible level of the track, in this example the shaker track.

Pan, which is used to move or pan a track from the center to left or right of the stereo field. In this example, panning of the overhead cymbal mics and toms creates a more natural “in the room” stereo sound.

Solo is used to hear specific tracks by themselves while the other non soloed tracks are not audible. Multiple tracks can be soloed together.

Rounding out the basic mix controls is the mute control which is used to silence or mute specific tracks. Multiple tracks can be muted together.

Learning to use these basic functions will bring proper balance and more professional sound to your mixes.

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