SONAR X3 earns Keyboard magazine’s Key Buy award

Key Buy Award

SONAR X3 earns Keyboard magazine’s Key Buy award
What happens when a former Pro Tools and Cubase user puts SONAR X3 to the test? Well that’s exactly what Keyboard magazine reviewer Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy, Bootsy Collins) did, and the result was a Key Buy award for SONAR X3. In the review he concludes that “SONAR X3 is a mature, vibrant program that’s a pleasure to use. As far as I am concerned, there’s no looking back.”

Ease of use: “After working with SONAR X3 Producer since its release, I’ve become a convert. DAWs are always subjective and personal choice, but SONAR made complete sense to me — sort of like trying on shoes that don’t need breaking in.”

Workflow: “Beyond the ease of use, SONAR X3 puts the fun back into recording for me. Part of that is the stability and freedom from freezes — I didn’t have to fight the program or my computer, which helps. The workflow is painless, so the experience became all about making music.”

Comping: “What makes this special is how fast and smooth the whole process is.”

Melodyne Essential and ARA integration: “SONAR blew my mind when I found out I could drag an audio bass part into Melodyne and convert it into MIDI, creating instant doubling of bass guitar lines with synth bass.”

ProChannel: “The audio quality of the ProChannel plug-ins is excellent. I’m using fewer of my ‘old standby’ plug-ins in favor of the ProChannel.”

Bottom Line: “Fulfills the promise made to SONAR users when the X-series was introduced, and offers enough to entice users of other DAWs to switch.”

For more insights from a record industry veteran, read the entire review in the February 2014 issue of Keyboard magazine.
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About the Key Buy award:
A product is considered for a Key Buy if it meets at least one of the following conditions:

1. It represents a genuine technological breakthrough.

2. At press time, it’s the best product in its class.

3. It offers bang-for-buck that’s better than what anyone would expect.