Producer Wyshmaster Finds Niche in Hip-Hop and R&B

After 7 years of dedication and focus, Wyshmaster is finally cutting himself a new niche in the hip-hop and R&B worlds for his ferociously unique beats; and Cakewalk is at the forefront of his game. Most recently, Wysh has been busy creating music for The Lonely Island -“I’m on a Boat” feat. T-Pain (as heard on Saturday Night Live), Jeremy Greene – “Rain” feat. Bossman, and Nelly – “U Ain’t Him” feat. Rick Ross on the Brass Knuckles album.

“I primarily use Cakewalk synths because they give me the power to create unique sounds. With so many people in the game now, you have to choose your tools wisely so you don’t sound like every other cat. That’s what Cakewalk and SONAR do for me, they allow me to create and sound how I want to sound.” – Wyshmaster