SONAR PLATINUM: Hello from DanceFair Utrecht Netherlands 2015

[Many photos; this conference is way too vivd to tell it all in words.] Cakewalk’s SONAR Platinum, along with many other Gibson Brands’ products are making a splash in Utrecht Netherlands this weekend at DanceFair 2015.  EDM has had strong roots in Utrecht, and in the Netherlands in general for quite some time, so it’s absolutely the perfect location to capture the spirit of this genre. Electronic music makers from all over the world have converged here over the weekend to celebrate and discuss the state of the industry, technology, creativity and performance.

Some of the world’s most influential electronic professionals including Martin Garrix, Alvaro, GLOWINTHEDARK, Andrew Bayer, Roog, and even Cakewalk’s own SONAR Platinum endorsee iLan Bluestone can be seen walking the halls, testing out the latest and greatest new gear, and even holding workshops for tomorrow’s EDM stars. One of the greatest aspects of Dancefair is that the pros are very accessible to the many aspiring (and very young) EDM enthusiasts who can be seen mingling in breakout rooms around the conference.

The conference is held at Jaarbeurs Utrecht which is a very impressive complex to say the least, and also lends itself very well to the modern theme and overall vibe of this convention. From complex rhythms to chilled out backbeats, walking through the different pockets in this facility has everything modern EDM has to offer. The KRK listening room was exceptionally popular Continue reading SONAR PLATINUM: Hello from DanceFair Utrecht Netherlands 2015

EDM Production – How To Create a Hip Hop Bass Kick with Z3TA+ 2


Z3TA+ 2’s synth engine can generate sounds that stretch across multiple genres. By utilizing Z3TA+ 2’s advanced modulation matrix we can shape just about everything, even drums sounds.


Sine Wave Kick Drum

Start by initializing your patch. This will return the synth to all of it’s defaults so that you can start from scratch with the sound.

Kick Drums requires a lot of low end. Within Z3TA+ 2 you can produce this kind of controlled low end by using the Sine Waves that are available in the OSC section. We are going for a saturated low end, so make sure to add 3 Sine Waves.

Let’s split up the 3 Sine Waves into Middle, Right, and Left. In order to do this we must first activate the Filter Section, select the “Link” button and turn the Pan knobs on either filter. They will pan in opposite directions.

Afterwards, we can use the Filter Bus on each OSC section to pan the oscillators. Panning two opposing oscillators and then using the “Fine Tune” to slightly detune them will produce a nice wide stereo effect. Do this to both OSC 1 and OSC 2 and keep OSC 3 centered and not de-tuned.

We covered the value of this technique in – Creating a simple Bass Synth.

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Halloween Treat: Free Haunted EDM Rapture pack for all SONAR X2 Producer customers

Haunted EDM

Halloween treat: Upgrade to SONAR X2 Producer and get Haunted EDM
Just in time for Halloween, we have added a new treat to the SONAR X2 Producer Content Club. When you upgrade to SONAR X2 Producer, you will get the Haunted EDM Rapture Expansion Pack free of charge.

Upgrade to SONAR X2 Producer today

If you already own SONAR X2 Producer, the Haunted EDM Rapture pack is already in your account as a bonus treat from the SONAR X2 Producer Content CLub.

Haunted EDM for Cakewalk’s Rapture is a patch collection of tormented soundscapes, ghoulish leads, disembodied pads, frightening drum hits, and scary basses that will possess your music and reanimate your sound palette. From the laboratory of mad scientist Encanti, this library comes loaded with premier tricks and treats. Electronic Dance Music producers, beware…your sound collection will never be the same.

Please note: Haunted EDM will automatically be delivered with your SONAR X2 Producer order along with the DSF Symphonic Strings HD pack.