New HD Grand Pianos for Dimension Pro and LE [updated]

Dimension Pro Expansion Packs

[Update: We have corrected an issue that was preventing some customers from purchasing. We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please try again and enjoy!]

Save $50 off new HD Grand Pianos from Digital Sound Factory
Based on the success of the HD Songwriters Collection, Digital Sound Factory brings two new grand pianos to Dimension Pro/LE in High Definition. Using high quality microphones and preamps, multiple layers were recorded at 24-bit resolution to capture the full dynamic range. As a result of this process, the samples are perfectly matched, sound great, and are free of artifacts. With a natural sounding wooden resonant tone and very long sustain, these pianos are the ultimate addition to Dimension Pro.

Choose from two studio quality grand pianos – just $99.95 each for a limited time:

HD Steinway Grand Piano


HD Yamaha Grand Piano