SONAR 8 Review: Make Music Professionally At Home

Today’s musicians face a tough job market and an even worse economy. To cut the production costs of making and recording their music, many musicians are building their own DIY recording studios at home. These studios are creating some of the industry’s best tracks with off-the-shelf yet extremely powerful software and hardware solutions.

In response to this growing trend, Mark Eustace from This is Tamworth (an all things local publication of the Tamworth Herald, UK) recently took a look at SONAR 8, calling it “a raft of virtual instrument, effects, plug-ins, and all the production tools you would ever need to record and master your own hit record.”

Discover the power of SONAR 8 with Mark Eustace in the latest edition of This is Tamworth.

Musikmesse: SONAR V-Studio 100 Demos

Since Musikmesse 2009 was quite the memorable experience for Cakewalk, it was hard to post everything we wanted to show you about the show, up at the same time. Here are a few videos on SONAR V-Studio 100 from Audiofanzine and Future Music Magazine, shot live in Frankfurt, Germany the weekend of the show. Enjoy!

Sonar Studio VS100 demo at Musikmesse from will seelig on Vimeo.