Take a closer look at what’s in SONAR X1 Studio

What's In SONAR X1 Studio

With the First-class Upgrade promotion extended through July, it’s a good time to review the amazing value you get with SONAR X1 Studio. Whether you are upgrading or looking for a new digital audio workstation (DAW), SONAR X1 Studio gives you hundreds of dollars in professional grade tools, instruments, and effects that only Cakewalk can offer musicians, producers, and engineers.

SONAR X1 Studio includes:

  • The brand new Skylight interface
  • Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks
  • Support for 32 and 64-bit operating systems
  • Critically-acclaimed instruments like Rapture LE and Z3TA+ 1.5
  • V-Vocal 1.5 for perfect vocals – on pitch and in time
  • Matrix View for non-linear music composition and remixing
  • Step Sequencer 2.0 for easy beat creation
  • Smart Tool for seamless audio and MIDI editing
  • AudioSnap 2.0 for fixing audio timing issues
  • Surround sound mixing
  • More effects and instruments
  • Plus: Free SONAR X1d update (now available) Continue reading Take a closer look at what’s in SONAR X1 Studio