Craig Anderton shows you how to use the new Console Emulator in SONAR X2 Producer

Console Emulator

The ProChannel Console Emulator is one of the new features available exclusively in SONAR X2 Producer. Over the past year, the use of console emulation has become very popular with producers and engineers. A Console Emulator plug-in emulates some important analog console characteristics. While these effects are subtle, they’re noticeable; and now thanks to the Console Emulator, they’re controllable as well.

Industry expert Craig Anderton gives you an in-depth look at understanding and applying the Console Emulator into your mix. For even more tips from Craig Anderton, you can also check out his monthly SONAR X2 column in Sound on Sound magazine.


Try it out for yourself: The Console Emulator is available in the SONAR X2 Producer trial so once you watch the video, you can try out some of the techniques on your mixes.

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