Get Started with SONAR X2’s Inspector and Loop Construction View


Two new SONAR X2 videos added to CakeTV
We have posted two brand new videos on CakeTV that show you how to get started with the Inspector and the Loop Construction View.

The SONAR X2 Inspector will save you valuable time when working on your projects. Access critical data from your project with the touch of a mouse and speed up your workflow.

The Loop Construction View has been given a facelift in SONAR X2 and allows you to edit and customize your loops so they sound fresh and exciting. If you are working with loops, this is a great video to watch to get the basics down.

Plus we have over 20 Get Started videos on the SONAR U channel with more to come!

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SONAR X2 is a huge leap forward in DAW technology. From the Skylight interface, to the Smart Tool, to the ProChannel (Producer Exclusive) – almost every part of SONAR X2 has been enhanced based on feedback from customers and professional users. In addition, SONAR X2 now includes Windows 8 and touch support in all versions, proving once again why SONAR X2 is the best choice for Windows based recording studios.

Don’t take our word for it – SONAR X2 has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the press and user community. Future Music magazine raves that, “working in SONAR X2 feels so natural and intuitive.” Music Tech magazine declares, “it’s a DAW in the truest sense of the description: a complete production environment with a wealth of features that enable you to take your ideas from initial sketches to finished masters – and throws in things like remix and live performance tools to boot.” 

There has never been a better time to make the leap to SONAR X2. In the month of April, when you purchase any version of SONAR X2, you will also receive the SWA Complete SONAR X2 video for free ($40 value). Featuring over 9 hours of video tutorials, SWA Complete SONAR X2 offers the most comprehensive look at SONAR X2 to date. Learn more

Below are just some of the new features in SONAR X2 Continue reading Free video tutorial with any SONAR X2 purchase in April