Sparks The Rescue Set To Release New Album in May

Sparks The Rescue, is an incredibly high energy group of guys in their early 20’s from Portland, Maine. They’re constantly touring and constantly writing. Having logged over 200 shows throughout New England alone, Sparks The Rescue has shared the stage with Hawthorne Heights, Just Surrender, As Tall As Lions, Dave Melillo, Roses Are Red, Stretch Arm Strong, and plenty of others.

Inspiration can strike at the oddest times, and when you’re always on the road, chances are there isn’t a good solution around to get that idea down in a usable form.  That’s why we let them check out the SONAR V-Studio 100.

“The V-Studio 100 is allowing us to write our second record on the road while touring in support of our first record.  This thing is built for the modern musician.”

Keep an ear out for a full-length album coming soon from Sparks the Rescue on Fearless Records.  And check back at this space for their video impression of the V-Studio 100.