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DSF Symphonic Strings

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For a limited time you can download a Free Symphonic Strings expansion pack for Dimension Pro ($149 value) when you upgrade, or purchase SONAR X2 Producer from the Cakewalk Store or any worldwide retailer. This is a special offer to reward early adopters. Offer valid through September 30th on the Cakewalk Store and valid through October 31st for all other registered SONAR X2 Producer customers who purchase through any worldwide retailer.

When you upgrade to SONAR X2 Producer on the Cakewalk Store the DSF Symphonic Strings HD will be available immediately for download on your store account.

Symphonic Strings is a collection of string ensembles recorded in the amazing Saint Thomas Cathedral at Bastyr University in Northern Washington State in the US. The cathedral is 48 feet tall and features unusual near-perfect acoustics that attract frequent recording sessions for Hollywood films. Scores for “Brokeback Mountain,” “About Schmidt,” “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” “Mirror Mirror,”, and orchestral tracks for Dave Matthews album have been recorded here. The cathedral is wired so that a modified bus configured for recording can pull up and plug into the pre-wired snake to track the performance.

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DSF Symphonic Strings HD includes over 100 programs recorded at 24-bit resolution, each pitch, and programmed for the ultimate clarity and realism.

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Please note: DSF Symphonic Strings HD will automatically be delivered with your SONAR X2 Producer order. Please do not add it to your cart.


Here is what customers are saying…

“The DSF download was an unexpected delight! I spent two hours reviewing the various sounds, tweaking as I went… Once again Cakewalk has inspired me to go somewhere I had never been before!!!– Roy Cunningham


“It is the best strings sound from DSF for Dim Pro so far. I spend 1/2 hour on it. Need to tweak some of the effect settings. It is definitely well worth to upgrade to X2 now. Especially if you can’t afford any expensive Strings VST that cost 500USD or more.” – Choo Shi-hwei


“Upgraded to X2 [Producer] and then I downloaded the strings. I was working on a project that had two different string tracks. I used the new symphonic strings. They sound awesome! Thanks Cakewalk” – Marcus Curtis


“They blend really well with a variety of genres.” – Bennie Beat Bumma Smith