There’s always more to learn about SONAR with new videos from Cakewalk

SONAR X2 is hands-down the most powerful and comprehensive DAW we have ever made. With each new version of SONAR we aim to simplify workflow and make music production more efficient.  Each upgrade also comes with brand new tools and enhancements that compliment SONAR’s core technology.  SONAR X2 is no exception. See what’s new in SONAR X2.

Your creative possibilities are endless with a professional level solution like SONAR X2.  But for new users, and even some seasoned SONAR pros, all this power can make your brain hurt a little.  Users often ask us questions like “what does R-MIX SONAR do?” “how does the Console Emulator effect my mix?” and “why is TH2 Producer better than the guitar amp sim that I already have?”  We hear you loud and clear and want to make sure you know how to take full advantage of the tools SONAR X2 has to offer. As a result, Cakewalk is more committed than ever to providing SONAR users with the best learning resources available. Check out the 3 learning resources below with SONAR knowledge for every skill level.  And keep an eye out for more great videos from Cakewalk coming soon!

Free SONAR X2 Get Started videos:

The Get Started video series on CakeTV is designed to give you an introduction into many of SONAR X2’s groundbreaking tools and features. We have added over 15 Get Started videos since SONAR X2 launched in September 2012 and we have even more in the pipeline.  Videos cover working with BREVERB SONAR, Automation, The Matrix View, ProChannel, FX Chains, The Piano Roll, Screen Sets, Smart Grid, Smart Tool, and more. Watch the entire SONAR X2 Get Started video playlist below or skip through to see if you missed one.


Free 30-Day All-Access video pass to with SONAR X2 Producer:

As part of the SONAR X2 Producer Content Club, when you purchase or upgrade to SONAR X2 Producer by February 28th, you will get a code to access any video on free of charge for 30 days.

If you already own SONAR X2 Producer, your 30 Day All Access Pass is already in your account as a bonus treat from the SONAR X2 Producer Content Club.

The 30 Day “All-Access Pass” gives you just that, instant online access to every single video tutorial currently on the site and any ones that get added while your account is active. A $34.99 value!

You can watch any video as many times as you want, anytime you want. Just redeem your code and login to to watch SONAR X2 Explained, Z3TA+ 2 Explained, and videos tutorials for loads of other great plug-ins.

Please Note: The final day to redeem your code is February 28th 2013.

Groove 3


New SONAR X2 Advanced Workshop: Producer Effects Video:

Veteran SONAR users rejoice! The SONAR Advanced Workshop series is back with the brand new SONAR X2 Advanced Workshop: Producer Effects. SONAR expert Karl Rose takes you through a comprehensive look at the included effects in SONAR X2 Producer. Learn about many of the critically-acclaimed effects, ProChannel modules, and how they can improve your music production skills.

The video tutorial starts off with a basic introduction and how to and then quickly gets to a complete dissection of the included effects. Learn how each of the effects work, how they interact with each other, and how the affect the audio. EQ, compressors, gates, modulation, delay, and reverbs are all covered, as are amp simulators, saturation processors and channel strips. There’s also in-depth explanation of how to set up tracks and busses for sidechaining, and parallel compression.

Regular price: $39.95
Introductory price thru 2/28/13: Download for just $29.95